Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Homework Vine

Dear Santa,
It is getting near Christmas. The thermometer has dropped to 70 degrees, the wind is blowing 5 mph, and people are wearing long-sleeve shirts. It is Fall in Florida. I am beginning think about what I want most for Christmas. Could it be a new BMW 6 series, an Alienware computer, or Xbox 360? No, I think I would just like a little rest from homework. It creeps through my life like a choking vine. It finds all of my free happy time and twists statistics problems and essays on methodology into those spaces. The relaxed novel reading and game playing is all gone.

The homework vine has small stems so that it can penetrate event the smallest cracks of free time. Once inside, it expands and splits open the schedule so that it can occupy at least 30 minutes, but sometimes up to 10 hours. I have sprayed the vine with apathy, but it always comes back. I have ripped it up and planted flowers of novels and the latest movie releases, but it springs back from the root within hours. That homework vine is tough.

I am looking forward to the cold weather of Christmas break when the vine will retreat and let the flowers bloom. I want to pick-up a book that at least one other normal person is reading as well.

Santa, this vine is tough. But, I hear that it blossoms into the most beautiful flowers and within 3-4 years produces a delicious fruit. Like a pineapple that takes 3 years to bear fruit, the homework vine has to work a long time to achieve its goal. I am sure the flowers and the fruit will be wonderful. But right now, I just want to homework vine to get out of all the cracks in my daily schedule.

Can you arrange that Santa?


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